Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleeveless Collared Cardigan Vest

Five-Step Sleeveless Collared Cardigan Vest

  • shirt that fits you or a little too big
  • Sewing machine
  • fabric shears
  • tailor's chalk
  • pins

  • Try on shirt inside out. Looking in a mirror, draw a strait chalk line down the center of the shirt.
  • Take the shirt off and cut on the chalk line on the top layer of the shirt. Cut the sleeves to desired length.
  • With the shirt still inside out, fold, pin, and sew a double fold hem on the sleeves and turn right side out.
  • With the shirt right side out, fold the split neckline outward, exposing the wrong side. Sew this "collar" down with a strait stitch. (See pic # 1)
  • Pic #1
  • OPT- With shirt right side out, sew a strait line down the sides to prevent fraying.

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