Thursday, March 20, 2014



it's been a long (almost 4 years) journey. 

I have posted over 100 times and shared so many videos, tutorials, links, collages, inspiration and more. I'll just cut to the chase- I'm leaving this DIY blog... for now. Unfortunately, it is hooked up to the same account as my main YouTube channel, and I will continue to post on there, but I am no longer posting the kinds of DIYs I featured on this blog.

Instead, I will be focusing on my personal style blog:
I try to post at least once a week on there! So please follow me via Pinterest, Bloglovin' and more. 

I hope I can still feature tutorials on my YouTube channel and possibly my blog?? 
I hope to gain a larger following on my style blog so that my content will reach the screens of more fashion-lovers.
Yes, I will keep this blog up so we can still access all of my 'great' tutorials and pictures of me cerca 2012.

It's been quite lovely. 

XOXO, Courtney 
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