Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Felt Beanbag Pincushion Weight

    This multifunctional pincushion is so easy to make and takes about half an hour.


  • 2 colors of felt
  • yarn needle
  • white yarn
  • scissors 
  • beans

  1. Cut out 2 identical shapes (heart, squares, stars...) of felt in the colors of your choice. Place one on top of the other, being careful to match up the shapes. 
  2. Thread your needle with yarn -not doubled. Start sewing both pieces together with a blanket or over cast stitch. Be neat and sew stitches close together because you will not be turning this inside out.
  3. When you are almost done sewing both pieces together, fill excessively with beans. Sew the rest of the beanbag, and tie of the yarn.
   You can use it as a substitute for bean bags, a cute little pincushion, or a weight to hold down your fabric or pattern paper while you cut.
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