Monday, January 23, 2012

Another lace project: Lace cuff

This cuff is so simple and so cute! Depending on what color lace/spray paint you use, you cuff will reflect your personal style!

  • old bangle
  • spray paint (Home Depot is cheapest)
  • lace (called crafter's lace at JoAnn when sold by the yard)
  • hot glue
  • felt matching spray paint color
  • needle & thread

This cuff was 75 cents at Goodwill! 

I spray painted my cuff black in my garage on an old rag. Don't worry if it gets all smudged- it will be hidden by the lace.
Cut a piece of lace fabric 1 inch wider than your cuff by the perimeter of your cuff plus 2 inches??? When your cuff is dry (an hour or so) start by folding the lace over the cuff and sew the ends together inside.
When you're done sewing the lace, tuck the excess under, stitch closed and tie off. You can leave the bangle like this if you want, but I'm going to clean up my messy stitches by hot gluing a piece of felt inside the bangle.
Shazzam! A hot new bangle.
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