Saturday, March 31, 2012

March's necklace of the Month!!!

      March's necklace of the month is TO DIE FOR!!! It's a chevron necklace made from polymer clay & acrylic paints.

  • white polymer clay
  • toothpick
  • oven & baking sheet
  • acrylic paints in bright colors, paintbrush, water
  • necklace chain, 2 jump rings, pliers
  • small blade/scissors
Using a small blade, cut a chevron shape  out of a thin piece of clay. Create details and holes for the jump rings with your toothpick.

If chevrons aren't your thing, try a coat of arms.
Bake the charm according to the clay package instructions and when it's cooled, paint each section a different color.
I'm using black paint to color each line.
Use pliers and 2 jump rings to attach the charm to the necklace chain.
It's adorable!

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