Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Elastic Belt- and Dyeing tips*

  • Thick white elastic & fabric dye/bucket/hot water
  • belt fasteners
  • needle & thread to match the dye
  • scissors
  • I originally used Dylon fabric dye for the elastic, but it turned out really cruddy. So I used Rit, the only dye I trust now. :D
Dyeing elastic may take some trial and error, depending on what the elastic is made of. And instead of boiling water in a pot, I put a bucket in the bath tub, filled it with super- hot water and dyed outside. I also mix with a paint stirrer!

After the elastic is dyed to your color of choice, rinse it in cool water and let it dry. Then figure out your belt clasp and pin the elastic and sew.

I hand sewed one side first, then try the belt and cut the rest of the elastic to fit your waist. Sew the other fastener/clasp.

Wear it with a plain dress or a high waisted skirt. Enjoy!
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  1. Where did you purchase your belt fastener? Thanks!

  2. I actually got it from a belt from the thrift store and cut the clasp off. If you can't find a good belt w/ a clasp, you can purchase a fastener from etsy or your local craft store! Don't forget to follow my blog! :)