Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Denim Jeans to Shorts!

   I looked several places for white jeans to dye into a fun color like fuchsia, lemon yellow or teal. They fit when I tried them on @ the store, but when I got home, they were too short, but they fit otherwise. So, I decided to turn them into a cute pair of white shorts! Check out Make it- Love it for some tips!
  • denim jeans/ pants to turn into shorts
  • tailor's chalk, chalk, or washable crayon
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine
  • Washing machine AND dryer

Try your pants on inside out and with your marking tool, draw a line at the length you want your shorts/ capris at.

Take them off, fold them in half so the waistband is at the top, and cut an inch (or less) below the mark you made.

   Now decide if you want a regular hem (like jeans), a rolled hem (like some shorts) or a frayed edge- ends are not hemmed, but frayed. - That means the shorts won't come apart at the ends. If you want a regular hem, just Google how to sew a double fold hem and repeat for both legs. For a rolled hem, put on the shorts right side out, roll up evenly on both sides to desired length and sew on each side. For the frayed edge, continue reading below.
   Set your sewing machine stitch length a few settings shorter. Sew a line down each leg opening of the shorts, not creating a hem. Throw them in the washer AND dryer and the denim will fray up to the line you stitched.
Well, they turned out really awesome!

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