Monday, May 21, 2012

May Nail Tutorial: Sunflower design

 Here is another simple & cute nail tutorial- if you want to see more, head to my "Tutorials" page and scroll down to the nail art section.
  • 3 colors of nail polish: 1) one color of your choice for the base 2) yellow for the flower petals 3) brown or green for the inner dot of the flower
  • clear polish top coat
  •  toothpick and nail dotter, find out more about nail dotters here
  • a small scrap piece of cardboard or plastic or tinfoil for a nail polish palette 
For the base, I'm using "Blazed" by Wet n' Wild. I bought it on vacation for only $1.50 at a cute little store in Avalon, Catalina Island. Make sure it dries before you start the flower. 

 (Sorry I'm using a bottle cap & not my nail for a few steps.) Make a small glob of nail polish on your palette- see above for details, and dip your nail dotter into the glob. (Lightning by Sally Hansen Insta- Dri) 
Start with an electrical outlet cover and make sure you have a screw. 

For the petals: Using the nail dotter, create a dot on your nail. Using a toothpick, start in the center of the dot and pull upwards. It should look like a teardrop.  

Create another dot next to the petal you just completed and repeat the motion with the toothpick to shape the dot into a teardrop.

Repeat to make a total of 5-7 petals. Let dry.

Make a small glob of brown or green on the palette and dip the nail dotter once you have cleaned the other polish off of it. (Espresso by Revlon Top Speed)

Make a big dot in the middle of the flower. You can stop here, but I used the toothpick to create more petals. 

With the toothpick dipped in the petal color, make short strokes starting from the center dot. Add a coat or two of clear top coat.  

That's all there is to it! Please comment if you have any questions & pleeease follow my blog! I would love to see a pic of your fave nail art as well :)

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