Saturday, June 23, 2012

June's Necklace of the Month

June's Necklace of the Month is.... the colored chain necklace, let's get started!
  • one gold necklace chain
  • 7 jump rings
  • pliers
  • 7 pieces of chain in various sizes
  • acrylic paint. spray paint

Start coloring your chains with paint or spray paint. Make sure to cover both sides.
P.S. File Folders make great paint palettes & craft surfaces.
While your chains dry, take your necklace chain, find the center link, and attach a jump ring to that spot.
Attach one of your colored chains to that jump ring.
Move a few spaces over and continue adding jump rings then a colored  chain to that jump ring.
I created a really cool pattern with the different colors and lengths.
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