Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Table

Chalkboard paint has been quite a 'trend' in the DIY world recently.
When I noticed my old wooden table was looking well, old, I decided to give this a go:

~table surface
~spray paint
~chalkboard paint (got mine @ Michael's)
~painter's tape
~foam paint brush

First off I spray painted the top black.
Then, I taped off the sides and spray painted the legs white.
(Not my original design, but I ran out of black spray paint.)
Next, I taped off the  four edges of the table top
 ...and sectioned it off into 2 rectangles. 
I then painted the first layer of paint and let it dry for 2 hours I think,
according to the instructions. 
After that I did 2 more coats.
My instructions required me to 'condition' the chalkboard
surface by rubbing chalk over it and wiping it off.
That's it for this project! Leave any questions or comments below!

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