Thursday, October 10, 2013

Homemade Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Hey everyone!
So 2 years ago my family decided that we would all dress up as characters from Alice in Wonderland.
I wanted to show you the costume-making process of the Queen of Hearts costume and Alice costume.
Everyone helped out to make the costumes! (Mom, Dad, Grandpa...) 
...and they turned out to be a huge success!

Here we are! (*Were... this was 2011)

For my mom, who dressed up as the queen of hearts, we thrifted this floor-length black silk dress, some black heels, and she wore a black coat on top for warmth. A lace choker was also added to the look.

We also thrifted some red velvet and cut it into a large heart. We ironed some interfacing to the back to make it stiff and hot glued some gold trim around the heart. Then, we secured it onto the front of the dress with some safety pins.

For the sash, I bought some thick red silk ribbon, about 2 yards in length. I hand drew some hearts and spades onto a scrap of freezer paper and cut the shapes out with a craft knife. I then ironed the freezer paper to the center of the sash and filled the shapes in with black fabric paint. (More on freezer paper here.)

A mini- crown was made by cutting a 12" by 4" strip of poster board, taping the ends together, and spray painting it gold. 

We found hideous semi-formal/bridesmaid dress at the thrift store for Alice. We also thrifted a white blouse to go underneath. As soon as I got home, I removed the lace from the waistband of the dress and made it into a choker necklace for Mrs. Queen of Hearts! 

I made the apron out of white fabric, but you could use a cotton sheet. 1. Sew 2 bodice pieces right sides together, (except for the bottom) turn right side out and attach to sash. 2. Sew 2 large rectangles together right sides together, leaving the top open. 3. Turn right side out and make a gathering stitch across the top. 
4. Attach this to the sash; the same side as you attached the bodice. 5. This got cut off, but I simply attached a strap for the neck. 6. All done! Sorry that wasn't very descriptive! Leave any questions in the comment section below.

To complete the costume, I tied a black ribbon around my hair, wore a stopwatch-necklace thing, and black flats. Here was the finished look! (And my old room)

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