Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Card Idea & Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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 These are some cute Christmas tags I made super quickly last night!

 To make them, simply 1. Prepare your paper~ I used colorful index cards 2. Stamp a cute image such as a Christmas tree or the Eiffel Tower 3. Write a small greeting or message 4. Punch holes out of the corners, add ribbons, buttons, or trim.... etc.


Now for the sweet treats!

I received these from a friend and loved them SO MUCH that I had to make some and spread the deliciousness. They are thin pretzel crisps covered in white chocolate and topped off with crushed peppermint canes.

You will need: plain pretzels of your choice, wax paper or parchment paper, peppermint canes or candy, and white chocolate (melting wafers or chocolate bars work best).

First, melt the chocolate according to the package instructions. I didn't develop any method for this, but somehow dip the pretzel into the chocolate. I kind of just dunked it in the chocolate and scraped off the excess.

Plop the pretzels onto your parchment paper or wax paper and before the chocolate hardens, sprinkle them with crushed peppermints or candy canes.

Let them harden for a couple of hours...

or place them in the fridge to harden faster!

They're adorable and delicious! I put 4 in each cellophane bag, tied it up with a ribbon, and tied the tags I made onto them for a finishing touch. 

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